Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Parliment is sitting ...

... or should that be hanging?! Did you know a group of owls is called a Parliment?
My little great-nephew is turning one and having a party in the park and we are invited! Goodeeeee! His Mum, my niece, sent us a lovely invite featuring a really cute owl illustration so I decided to make some owls for the table centrepiece. I thought the kids might like to take one home each so I have made them without any bits that can come off so hopefully no-one will choke on them! I used up scrapollas of felt and fabric and even had enough stuffing in the cupboard. My niece is trying to keep the party as green as possible - bio-degradable plates made of cornstarch etc. No sweets in the party bags - t is an afternoon tea with fairy cakes and bickies so there will be more than enough sugar consumed. Might rustle up some owly biscuits ...
So, here they are - my Parliment of Owls.
 This one is the family favourite and my big girls (19 and 20 ) are begging me to make them one each!
 He is probably the most owly-looking one - maybe that is why he is the fave?
Yep I really did use up some old fabrics - reckon that purple stuff belonged to my Mum circa 1972!
 Same purple stuff with a different contrasting colour.
And these are the "pretty ones" Some of the fabric used came from a shirt my niece was sending to the oppie - recycling at its best!
There has been some dissension in the ranks re the eyes on these critters - some critics think they might frighten the little kids - hope not 'cos I think there cute - just a little psychedelic maybe?

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