Thursday, January 21, 2010

Home again, home again, jigetty jig ....

Just got back from a little beach holiday. Feeling very relaxed and sleepy after a few days of sun and ocean. We stayed at this cute little place. It is all decked out in retro style. Very fun and close to the beach too.

We ate and drank more than is probably healthy and laughed soooo hard ....well lets just say there were a number of Teena Lady moments! This is one of the best parts of having quasi-adult kids - they are really FUNNY (and get funnier when we have shared a few Gin and Lemonades!).
We trundled off to all the little towns nearby and imagined what it would be like to live there.
We fossicked on the beach and found -
- pretty "Painted Ladies" - not quite all in a row like this but we marveled at their complicated patterns and decided Nature could teach us all a thing or two about natty design.
The beaches were splendid - some rolling waves and some calm coves and always reminders of a seafaring past.

No matter how lovely a holiday is, it is always great to return home. For just a minute I am not going to think about school and uni and timetables and all those things that impose themselves upon our family time. Instead I will dwell on all the laughter and sunsets and walks we shared and remember to just be -

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Melissa said...

You had a wonderful time, love the shack.