Saturday, February 13, 2010


Oh how fleeting is the surge of power and fulfillment from learning a skill and applying it. I am sad to say that the SOAP SAVER which we gazed upon with wonderment just a few days ago is a complete FLOP. It doesn't work! I think the stitching is too tight and the fabric not porous enough because I am darned if I can raise one lousy bubble with it, let alone a lather. I am hanging my head in shame and hoping that sometime soon I will garner the steely reserve needed to once again tackle another Adventure in Knitting.
In the meantime I plan to clean up my studio in the hope that somewhere under the debris or tucked behind something on a shelf, I will find both my motivation and my Muse as both seem to have been M.I.A over the Summer. Wish me luck - note I will be taking all necessary precautions and tying a rope around my waist before I enter the void. Also taking a flare. Just in case. Maybe a whistle. Definitely a snack.

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Rustic Tarts said...

Bon Voyage - hope you come back soon.