Thursday, January 13, 2011

Acorn falling close to tree ...

On a recent trundle through a seaside town The Middle Child eye-spied a bracelet in the window of a dress boutique. She was quite taken with it  - well not the actual thing 'cos it was cast and kinda chunky, but she liked the use of text and  different coloured metals. Of course having grown up in a creative household, there was never any doubt in her mind that she could make something like it for her very ownself! When the kids were younger they held the belief that if they liked it, Mum could make it. Now happily, they want to make things themselves - sometimes with a bit of help from me. They are all quite good makers in one way or another and appreciate handcrafted things and will seek them out and part with their hard earned dollars to buy them but they are less keen to hand over their money for mass-produced stuff. Here is what my daughter designed and made.

She cut the circles from recycled pewter, copper and brass. We only had access to a little hand drill so making all those holes was a bit of an adventure!

She learnt to cut, file, dome and stamp the metal. It looks great on her wrist - unique and stylish.

These are the words she chose " seek truth". We applied patina when we got home which has helped the teeny-tiny words show up a bit more. I love passing on skills - when a process is demystified and you see the person you are teaching have that "ah-ha" moment - well, nothing beats it - especially when it is one of your very own offspring! I think she has done a great job - I may be 'borrowing' this design myself!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. How wonderful you have passed on your skills, inpiration and practicality...she could be a handy assistant too!

Jen Crossley said...

Your daughter is just as talented as her wonderful and talented Mum.

Numinosity said...

This is exciting. Really a cool design. You deserve to be proud!

xoxo Kim