Saturday, January 1, 2011

First pieces for 2011

So I have gotten the New Year off to a flying start! Could be that I know I am going to be away from my workspace for a week ... whatever the motivation, I have made 2 new pieces of jewellery on the very first day of the year.
This piece I have decided to keep for ME! I can't seem to get a decent photo of it though so you will just have to imagine that when I put it on I go from regular scraggy-Sue neck to giselle-like Uma Thurman neck. At least that is how it makes me feel when I wear it which is what really counts huh?!

It is made from a pewter tankard, a brass planter and sterling silver.

I polished the pewter and the brass using emery paper then my trusty Dremel and then 2 grades of steel-wool. In real life this accentuates the contrast between the pewter and the brass.

I cut a weeny disc out of some pewter and stamped it with date and name so that it would be a bit commemorative. The second piece I made is completely different - it has a gorgeous vintage feel.

I made the central component by sandwiching a piece of lace doiley between a glass pebble and a piece of copper. The key is an old one I found in my father-in-laws workshop.

Other bits include some stacked mother-of-pearl buttons, a large crystal and some chandelier crystals. Oh and some freshwater pearls for scrumminess. The chain is courtesy of a recent trip to Spotlight - yikes they had a lot of stuff on special and I couldn't resist. So that is me started for the year - can I keep it up I wonder? Probably not once the realities of family life, Uni and so forth sets in, so I shall bask in my productive warmth whilst I can!


Jo said...

Both lovely!!! What a great start to the new year.

Melissa said...

well done, great pieces
safe travels

Ro Bruhn said...

Happy New Year Sue, what a lovely start you've made to it. I love the way you've created such a unique necklace from an old tankard, Uma Thurman eat your heart out.

Two Dog Pond said...

Wow - great way to start the new year. You will rock both those necklaces. Just beautiful!

Numinosity said...

Sue, One of my dreams for the elevenses is to be tappity tapping bits of metal and creating more new elements to round out my jewelry designs.

Currently it conflicts with my moratorium on buying any more supplies however so the disk cutter is going to have to wait until some windfall sales!

You are an inspiration to me with your use metals and I have so enjoyed following your blog. I think your designs rock!

Happy New Year to you
xoxo Kim

Anonymous said...

They are equally stunning. Loving the choice of materials- brass planter? Off to a flying start in 2011! There is no topping you!