Sunday, January 9, 2011

Too too easy ....

I have constructed a pair of ear-rings.

OK, so that is not all that noteworthy except that these were so amazingly simple that I feel deeply suspicious that there must be some fundamental design flaw.

  They have a simple loop closure that seems to work well and remain secure ... The wires are forged so they retain some "spring" but can't be easily bent out of shape and the recycled brass discs seem to fall naturally to the "right" place when these are worn. They are no trickier to put in my ears than any other hoop-style earrings I own. What is going on? It all sounds too good to be true - there are absolutely no tricky manoeuvrings involved in making or wearing these.

... and they look really great on! So you can understand my suspicions can't you? I am planning to road-test these for a week or two before making some to send out into the world. Am I being paranoid?!


Numinosity said...

Brilliant! That kind of design is the best and probably will get the most compliments. It's because you've put the time in familiarizing yourself with the materials so don't cut yourself short when pricing them for sale.
good work.

xoxo Kim

nadine paduart said...

totally paranoid! i can see from here that their design is perfick!
and a happy new year!!