Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tour Down Under

The "Tour Down Under" came to our place yesterday - well not exactly to my house but to our region. It was an almighty flash of metal and Lycra as they whizzed by for the finish of Stage One. They had to negotiate a few hills so I don't suppose they get to enjoy the scenery very much.

There were some odd sights around - like these promotional vehicles ...

(photos from ABC Online)

Line honours went to a Taswegian - Mathew Goss - you can read about it here if you are a fan or just want to know what all the fuss is about! This is a great event for our region , bringing in lots and lots of visitors - there are masses of cycling fans out there. Well, I can certainly appreciate the effort that goes into this sport - I have to admit  that generally, I am not a big fan of Lycra but these athletes do it justice - yes, yes they do. All that aside I think I prefer a more sedate ride - maybe on something like this ...

(pic from imgfave)

- and there will definitely be no Lycra gracing my body - oh no, no there will not! I think I will spare the world that sight. Unless of course I could get my hands on some Industrial Strength Lycra that kinda sucked everything in and hoisted it upwards ...  Anyhoo, if the "Tour" passes through your area be sure to give the cyclists a wave and a shout - they deserve it!

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